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Five things you must see at Gadget Show Live 2013

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Somehow it’s already that time of year again and our favourite tech-filled event is kicking off tomorrow. We’re talking about the Gadget Show Live 2013, of course, which takes place between April 3rd and 7th at the NEC in Birmingham.

We took the opportunity to get an early look at what’s on offer at this year’s show a day early, and used our finely tuned gadget senses to hunt down the coolest, weirdest and most awe-inspiring tech on offer. If you’re headed to the NEC over the next five days to take a look around the show, make note of these five things and be sure to find them before you leave.

5. Sony’s epic 84-inch 4K TV

4K is the future of television, if you’ll believe what all the big names are saying. Sony is amongst the likes of Samsung and Panasonic in being one of the first companies manufacturing TVs with cutting edge 4K technology. This huge screen shows pictures that are 4 times the resolution of Full HD. Thankfully an 84-inch example of 4K is on display at the Gadget Show Live for you to feast your eyes on – just don’t stand too close!

4. The retro console zone

Whilst there are tonnes of the latest titles on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U available to play at the show, there’s also a certain area which will attract gamers over a certain age. Wander around the edges and you’ll find a sacred area filled with retro consoles ranging from the Atari 600xl through to the Super Nintendo, PS One and Nintendo 64, with games like Super Mario and Donkey Kong ready to play. Find this area and take a trip down memory lane…

3. Sphero

This little critter contains the same sensors as your average smartphone, connects to your iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth and has endless possibilities. You can hold it in your hand and tilt it to control a character in a game on your iPad, or drive it around like a robot using an app on your phone, or try to pick it up as fast as possible when it glows a certain colour. With 20+ apps and games to use it with and such a simple idea that’s very easy to grasp right away, Sphero could well be the next big thing.

2. The 27-inch Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon tablet

Nothing is difficult to see or touch on Lenovo’s IdeaCentre tablet, with a 27-inch display making for plenty of screen real estate. Taking cues from the original Microsoft Surface, this tablet is designed to be a ‘table-top’ tablet – sit it on your coffee table and play away. For such a big screen the quality is impressive, and it’s fast and smooth too. Plus, you can play Lenovo’s card matching game and try to get your name on the big leaderboard!

1. Creepy robotic Jason Bradbury

This guy is absolutely terrifying, but a must see. Fans of the show will remember RoboJase, the robot designed to look as much like presenter Jason Bradbury as possible. Well, RoboJase is chilling out at the show and geting some strange double takes from passers by. The realism in the face is out of this world and something you definitely have to check out.

Enjoy the show if you’re heading there over the next few days, and be sure to tell us what your favourite part was by adding a comment below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Facebook Page.

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