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New flagship Samsung Smart TV design revealed early on CES 2013 banner

Samsung is expected to excite AV buffs the world over by revealing a brand new flagship Smart TV in the next few days at CES 2013, but it looks as though that TV has made an early appearance.

If you’ve been lucky enough to cast your eyes over the current top of the range model, the ES8000, then you’d think it would be impossible to top. However, the Korean manufacturer will be revealing a new flagship model for 2013 very soon. Ahead of the show’s opening Pocket-Lint caught a glimpse of a previously unseen Samsung TV blown up on a massive poster for the show out in Vegas and it certainly looks like everything we’d expect Samsung’s 2013 TVs to be.

Of course, a massive poster on a building isn’t the best way to get to grips with a new gadget, but for now we can take away a few precious details. For starters it seems that Samsung has made the already wafer-thin bezel around the screen even thinner, to the point where it almost looks non-existent.

Samsung looks to have kept the inbuilt webcam front and centre above the screen, which is likely to be built in to the bezel. The major change in design here looks to be the stand, which is now even more minimalistic, with two flat and thin legs splayed out towards the very bottom left and right corners of the frame. This looks set to give a floating effect to the TV, giving the impression that there’s nothing holding it up.

The screen displayed on the poster depicts Samsung’s 2013 update to the Smart Hub which we already know about. The design has been altered quite a bit, with apps and content showed in a tile layout. This update will also be coming to last year’s ES series TVs, so fear not if you went out and splashed the cash recently, only to see Samsung bring out something new.

We’re hoping to get a full unveiling of Samsung’s new TVs within the next few days as CES 2013 unfolds. Are you excited?