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Serious flaw allows iPhone lockscreen to be skipped with iOS 6.1

A recently discovered security flaw in Apple’s iOS 6.1 software for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch allows anybody with the right knowledge to bypass the lockscreen and waltz right on in.

The flaw doesn’t allow full access to an iPhone, with the accessible features all being linked to the Phone app. By exploiting this flaw somebody could view and edit your contacts, check your voicemail and view your photo gallery – more than a little concerning.

A very similar flaw was discovered in an earlier version of iOS – 4.1 – around a year ago and it seems that Apple still hasn’t quite fixed it. YouTube user videosdebarraquito demonstrates the procedure for exploiting the flaw in a video below, showing how easy it is to sneak in to a locked device.

The process requires making and immediately ending an emergency call from the lockscreen keypad, followed by a double press of the power button. After doing this the lock code is bypassed for no apparent reason, leading you into the iPhone’s Phone app, free to look around. Exiting the app results in the phone being relocked, and you can’t go into any other application.

Apple fixed this issue by issuing iOS 4.2, but why it has resurfaced again we don’t know. Hopefully another firmware update will be along soon to resolve the issue.