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FlipShare users: Save your videos elsewhere!

Back at the start of last month we brought you the unfortunate news that production for all Flip Camcorders was due to cease in the next few weeks, rendering the devices and brand obsolete.

The decision was made by Cisco, who took over the Flip brand a few years ago. Now it seems they’re taking further steps to dismantle the brand, announcing that as of 12th May, all videos uploaded to the FlipShare service will expire after 30 days of being uploaded. That includes videos that have already been uploaded, and any video uploaded as of 12th May

FlipShare allowed Flip Camcorder users to upload and share their videos online, but now Cisco will be taking the service down on 11th June, taking all the uploaded videos with it. Cisco say the service will still be available for Flip users for the next 2 or so years, but clips will only be stored online for 30 days before being deleted. Seems pretty pointless if you ask us!

So Flip Camcorder users, heed this warning: Save your FlipShare clips and videos to your desktop, laptop, external hard drive or whatever. Maybe even upload them to Youtube!

If you missed the article on Cisco killing off Flip, you can read it here.