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Gadget Helpline’s Smart Alternatives: IUNI N1 with Android 5.1

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In the present state of things (internet of things), technologically wise, it can be hard to keep up. Unless you are a regular winner of the lottery or just have a comfortable trust fund sitting in the background then you are going to be behind the times, or be paying a hefty bill on your contract for the advantage of free upgrades.

Now free upgrades are a good thing don’t get me wrong, but, if an upgrade ties you in further to a contract that is costing you quite a lot every month then it may be worthwhile checking out some of the obscure makes that you could, quite possibly, be very pleased with.

First in our list of Gadget Helpline’s Smart Alternatives is the IUNI N1!

Hot off the press in the last 24 hours is IUNI’s latest offering, the N1. Now, rather than a flagship phone, the N1 is a mid-range model with modest specs because the companies attention has been to the N1’s design and affordability.

With a thickness of only 6.3mm this phone weighs in at just 129g. Obviously, with such a small thickness the battery power is very limited by the size restriction to 2400mAh. The website does say that you should expect to get 343 hours of standby time and 8.5 hours internet access (WIFI or LTE, nobody knows yet).

The screen is made by Samsung and is a 5 inch Super AMOLED panel with 296ppi pixel density. The driving power behind the glass is a Mediatek MT6753 octa-core chipset with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage, there is also room for a 128GB SD card.

The N1 has the standard power button and volume controls as most other makes but also provides dual SIM support (located on the right). The camera on this device is 13MP on the rear and 8MP to the front. Sound wise, the DTS audio suggests great music playback through either the speaker or headphones socket, and a new version of IUNI OS based on Android 5.1 comes as standard.

The phone itself is beautifully crafted in alloy and glass, no plastic in sight thankfully, and, costing only 1299 Yuan which converts to £130, this really could be quite the bargain for those looking for an affordable alternative.

Stay connected for more of the Gadget Helpline’s Smart Alternatives in coming updates!