Gadget HELP! – RIM Blackberry Torch 9800 and How to Add a Picture to a Contact

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Today we have received a call where one of our dedicated agents provided support on RIM Blackberry Torch 9800 and how to Adding a picture to a contact. For this our agent used:

Query: Customer wanted to add some photos of her family to her phonebook.

Device: Blackberry Torch 9800

Article Category: Contacts and phonebook

Guide: Adding a picture to a contact

  1. Touch All
  2. Touch Contacts
  3. Touch the contact name you want to add the picture to
  4. Press the Menu key
  5. Touch Edit
  6. Touch the Image icon in the top left of the screen
  7. Touch the picture folder you want (e.g. Camera Pictures)
  8. Touch the image you want to use
  9. Touch the picture to crop it to the size you want
  10. Press the Menu key
  11. Touch Crop & Save
  12. Press the Menu key
  13. Touch Save.

Note: Screen time-out can be changed in battery mode or plugged in mode.

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