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Fake Samsung Galaxy S III Appears Online, Apparently Resembles the Real Thing

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Our old friend Eldar Murtazin has thrown up yet another Samsung rumour, this time tweeting a picture of a Samsung smartphone with the Galaxy S III branding next to it.

Industry Insider Murtazin tweeted a picture of the supposed phone this morning alongside the caption “SGS3 or not :)”. He has since told us that the picture is not the final design Samsung will use for the SGS3, but it is close – the picture has been created by somebody who has had eyes-on time with Samsung’s forthcoming flagship.

We’ve cast our eyes over the picture and we can tell it’s not entirely legit – the screen has clearly been photoshopped onto the body of the phone, and the angles aren’t quite right. The software also doesn’t look a lot like Android 4.0 to us, which we’re sure the Galaxy S III will run out of the box.

However, the overall design of the phone does match up with what we’re hearing from the rumour mill. It’s insanely thin, it features Samsung’s famed Galaxy styling and the branding that sits next to the phone follows suit from the Galaxy S II. If this design is mostly in-line with the final product, Samsung has opted to widen the home button and drop the two touch buttons for back and menu, as well as adding a physical camera button – something Galaxy S II owners long for.

We see a logo for ‘Weber Shandwick’ in the bottom right corner of the page. We’ve snooped and it seems they’re a PR company, but their site shows no mention of Samsung. Perhaps the two are working together to promote the new mobile’s launch, which could be on May 22nd, taking place in London.

Looking at the picture we see a widget on the screen showing the date May 22nd, with a message “Watch a Live Broadcast of the GALAXY S III unpacked event”. The weather widget above also shows London, leading us to believe this is where the event will take place. As usual, take this with a pinch of salt for now folks, as Murtazin himself as already claimed this one is a fake, albeit a fake made by somebody who is apparently “in the know”.

All we can say is that we really hope the final product looks like the phone in this leaked picture – it looks gorgeous!

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Source: Twitter