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“Beyond the Game” trailer hits web – Amazing real-life look at video game culture

WarGames, Tron, The Wizard and more recently Scott Pilgrim vs The World. These are movies based around a central theme of video gaming. There have also been movies based on video games, most of which have been Epic Fails such as 1994’s Street Fighter. However, we don’t think we’ve ever seen a movie based within the world of gaming with the real people who love the games – Until now.

We’ve just seen the trailer for Beyond the Game – a fantastic looking docu-film by a small studio called Animatronic Ackbar, which follows the stories of members of the game-playing culture and community, from conventions to competitive gaming to DJ’s using 8-bit tracks from those games we all loved.

It looks like a quite remarkable film and the clip stirs nostalgia for those of us who spent our youth living the video games of the 80s and 90s in the arcades or on those classic home consoles like Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Mega Drive. The documentary also brings the scene up to date with an explosion of conventions, cosplay and lasting friendships formed between fellow gamers.

For life-long players there are plenty of “I did that!” moments in the Beyond the Game promo clip. One guy even mentions blasting the tunes from Sega classic Streets of Rage – I still do that!

The movie is sure to bring back some fond memories for players of certain age as well as newcomers who live the game. It’s yet to get a release date, but we’re excited to see the finished movie. You have to check out the Beyond the Game trailer – it’s now up on Animatronic Ackbar’s Vimeo channel.

Speaking of gaming memories, Sonic the Hedgehog recently celebrated 20 years of service as SEGA’s number 1 mascot and game franchise – Check out the Gadget Helpline’s article here!

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