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Gear 4 launches awesome Angry Birds Speaker Docks

Well known speaker and iPod dock manufacturer Gear 4 has announced a new and exclusive range of Angry Birds Speaker Docks, for fans of the bird flinging phenomenon.

There are three speaker docks available for you to choose from, each one representing a character from the game. There is the big black bird (the one that explodes on impact), the pig in a helmet (the enemy) and of course, the classic red bird.

Both of the birds feature a dock which sets separately to the speaker itself, attached via a short 3.5mm audio cable. The dock part has been created to resemble a piece of broken wood from the game, which is a pretty neat touch.

Meanwhile, the pig speaker (boo, pigs!) has an inbuilt dock connection, allowing you to dock your iPhone or iPod Touch into the top of its head.

The red bird speaker features compatibility with just about any audio device. You can sit almost any phone, MP3 player or tablet device onto the dock and use the 3.5mm audio jack that runs from the bird speaker to make the connection.

The larger black bird speaker features a dock with the standard 30 pin Apple USB connection, making it ideal to use with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The green pig speaker has the same connection for Apple devices, with speakers inside his helmet and under his chin.

All three can be bought now from Gear 4’s website, with the red bird costing £49.99 and the black bird and green pig speakers costing slightly more at £69.99.

We think the red bird is by far the best option, offering connectivity for almost any audio playing device, and at the cheapest price! Which one would you get?

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