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GEEK 2012: Retro Retreat for Throwback Gamers Starts Today in Kent, England!

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If you’re a avid player of vintage or contemporary gaming and have a bit of time on your blistered hands this half term week, why not check out GEEK 2012 which starts today in the seaside town of Margate, East Kent?

The five-day Game Expo East Kent (cleverly abbreviated as GEEK) can be found alongside the arcade-laden beach front of the not-so-sunny south east town and invites gamers to test their skills in networked contests and challenges such as a Guinness record-breaking attempt at the longest multiplayer Pong rally as well as testing you metal on a few of your old favourite arcade and console games such as Space Invaders, Super Mario Kart 64, Street Fighter II Turbo and FIFA “Through the Ages”.

If you’re too cool for old school, there’s also a chance to hit up the exhibition hall and try out some of the top new games from the “big” name developers the likes of Gran Turismo 5, HALO Reach and newer titles from lesser-known developers seeking to find their spot in the competitive gaming market, with the “Indie Arcade”. GEEK 2012 also boasts a series of talks from names in the gaming industry as well as talks, workshops on how to crack into the business and other “fringe events”.

GEEK 2012 is open from today at the Winter Gardens in Margate, East Kent with day tickets costing £12 (£8 for kids and concessions) and the event runs from 10.00am until 6.00pm from Wednesday 15th February to Sunday 19th February.

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