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Google Android is mobile OS most vulnerable to malware and virus infection

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Most of us worry about getting that Autumn flu that’s been going around, but a much more vicious infection could be affecting our Google-based smartphones as internet security co. McAfee has reported that Google’s open source system Android has been found to be the mobile operating software most likely to be stricken by a malware attack.

In the third quarter review McAfee reveals that Android’s vulnerability to malicious content including third-party apps, SMS Trojan viruses and unexpected bugs distributed through free Wi-Fi connections has risen by 37% in just three months.  In the previous Q2 review the OS was 76% more vulnerable to attack, so things look to be improving. But this information is bitter sweet to Android owners who are most at risk by using the most widely used mobile operating system in the world.

The Android Market hosts 370,000 applications where software is most liberally submitted and downloaded, with 7-million recorded downloads between the launch of the service in October 2008 and the start of this month, November 2011. The percentage of potential infections spawning from the Market is now far too high for exception and Google need to take a look at its loose app criteria and checking.

Apple claims a thorough and critical set of standards before an app is allow to grace its famous App Store – but it’s not all smooth sailing for Android’s leading rival as a vulnerability was recently found within iOS 5 which could allow malware to freely roam iPhones, iPads and iPods.  

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