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Google’s living room games console is getting closer

Rumours have suggested that Google plans to launch some sort of home games console for a while now, and the company has just made an acquisition that backs the theory up.

Google has snapped up Green Throttle Games for an undisclosed amount, giving the search engine giant more to work with in the gaming world. Many believe that the move will see Google launch a gaming-focused set top box later this year.

For those not aware, Green Throttle Games is a home gaming platform that did not require a console. To play games you’d need three things: the Green Throttle controller (which is much like an Xbox 360 pad), an Android device such as a smartphone or tablet and the Green Throttle Arena app. The Arena app acted as the console software, housing all downloaded games and running them. The controller is wireless and syncs by Bluetooth with your Android phone or tablet.

Interestingly Green Throttle Gaming removed the Arena app from the Play Store in November of last year, saying nothing but “We’ll keep you posted on the evolution of Green Throttle.” We know now that the company must have been in talks with Google at the time.

Any reports that have mentioned a Google gaming console or set top box have all suggested that Android-based games will be the focus, with wireless controllers. It could also be likely that Google will allow Android phones to be used as wireless controllers, or we could see the ability to host the games on our phones and stream them wirelessly to a TV via a dongle or connected box.

Either way, Green Light Gaming has something useful for Google and we’re now likely to see some of its features in a new and exciting Google product later this year.