Google finishes Android Ice Cream Sandwich, adds statue to Google HQ

Google has made the announcement that all Android fans have been waiting for: Ice Cream Sandwich, Android version 4.0, is finally finished and will be announced on October 19th.

That’s right folks; the next generation in Android software is almost upon us. Google will be officially announcing and demonstrating Ice Cream Sandwich in Hong Kong, along with the new Samsung Nexus Prime smartphone that will be the first to run the software.

As with all of Google’s big releases of Android, they like to have a giant statue of the icon built and placed on the lawn at their HQ in Mountain View, California. So far there are giant version of the Donut (v 1.6), Eclair (v 2.0), FroYo (v 2.2), Gingerbread (v 2.3) and Honeycomb (v 3.0). Our favourite is the giant gingerbread man, but the new Ice Cream Sandwich Android looks pretty awesome.

Google kindly filmed a video of the new statue arriving at their HQ and the erection of it on their front lawn. Check out the video entitled “Calling All Ice Cream Sandwich Lovers” below and feel the Android love!

We don’t know a huge amount about ICS just yet, though we do know by Google’s own admission that this version of Android is designed to merge the smartphone and tablet divide. We’ve seen leaked screenshots and videos of the forthcoming Samsung Nexus Prime which give us a sneaky look at how the OS looks. We’ve also seen snaps of the new Google+ and Music apps that will come baked into ICS.

Are you an Android megafan? Tell us how excited you are for Ice Cream Sandwich!

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