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Google I/O 2016: Smart & Video Messaging with Allo & Duo Apps

Yesterday’s Google I/O event has really set an impressive outline for the Android platform moving forward throughout the next 12 months and amongst the exciting new additions there comes a pair of revolutionary new messaging apps called Allo and Duo.

Firstly we have Allo, which is a new chat-based smart messaging application that is being introduced to both the Android and iOS market in summer 2016.

The application works with a Gmail account and requires a mobile number to access your phonebook to sync with all of your existing contacts. Allo also features Google Assistant an integration service for all Google applications such as Search, Maps, YouTube and Translate within the new messaging app to enable the ease of access for all in the current conversation.

Allo will include a voice-responsive feature, much-like Siri/Cortana service, with which you can ask a question for an almost instant response. You can plan your day, look at a hotel booking, details of a current road trip or your last taken photos. Because the application is programmed to understand natural speech patterns you are able to text or speak your question as you would usually without the ‘bot getting confused! A brilliant addition which the Gadget Helpline thinks is really great!

Google is one step ahead with Allo’s Smart Reply, which over time learns your most used phrases and responses, to which depending on the last reply you receive, will pick the most suitable within the context of the conversation. This goes as far as pictures that the messenger receives as well, with Google Assistant recognising images such as an animal or food, to which it can then generate a smart reply for you to click rather than writing it out.

Alongside Allo, Google have brought out a video calling application called Duo. This is a cross platform VoIP (Voice over IP) service much like Skype. However Duo can call contacts from your phonebook rather than on a Skype-like network. A cool aspect about this feature is something called Knock Knock which allows callers to send a preview of a video to the call recipient to show who is actually calling.

Both Allo and Duo have the opt-in and out option for encryption so you can be ‘incognito’ if you so wish.

Overall we at the Gadget Helpline are impressed with Google’s new additions to messaging – delivering a pair of apps that are much more personalised and advanced when it comes to instant communication and maybe a guideline to the way messaging is going in the months ahead across the smart-device market.