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Google ‘leaks’ new Gmail design in YouTube video

Google has prematurely outted its latest tweaks to the Gmail email service in a video now appearing on company sibling site YouTube.

The video’s host details the new changes to a messaging system including refreshed interface which is ‘clean’ and ‘simple’ and follows in the footsteps of the existing Gmail’s Preview style. Customisation is also a key new feature – allowing users to optimise sections of the window like the chat and hide other lesser used areas such as labels. High res images can be used as themes and the accessibility and readability of conversation appears to be vastly improved.

The video was intended to be set as ‘private’ on the clip site, but the blunder by Google saw the video leaked publically ahead of time. Google’s response to the leak is “Oops, you weren’t supposed to see that”. The video remains for all to see, fuelling us to think the Google gaff is a stunt. But our scepticism is shared by the YouTube masses, with one top comment reading “That’s the most professionally done “leak” that I’ve ever seen.”  – And we’d have to agree. This looks like a work to us..

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