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Google Maps add stunning tours of popular landmarks

Some truly stunning landmarks have been added to the Google Maps Street View feature, allowing several new tours of famous sights in both Italy and France. It’s really the most detailed experience you could get without actually visiting the historic highlights in person!

You can now virtually tour Rome’s Colosseum and Imperial Forum in Italy or the Château de Fontainebleau in France and a number of other destinations all from the comfort of home.

Château de Fontainebleau - France via Google Maps.

Walk around and explore these grounds and sites using the familiar navigation tools on Google Maps. By clicking the mouse and dragging the person icon around to different spots, you can freely wander around, rotate the view and zoom in and out of photographic scenery down to every fine detail – with no ancient stone left unturned and nothing left to the imagination.

We did a little free roam of the Colosseum to see how amazing this thing really is and admittedly there are a few little hiccups but nothing to really spoil the enjoyment of the tour.

Colosseum - Rome, Italy via Google Maps.

Switching from aerial view to the Street View can be disorienting and the Google Maps navigation takes a bit of time to get to grips with but once we were away there was no stopping us, this was seriously enthralling and really enjoyable.

You could really spend hours exploring the new areas, so if you’re seriously into world culture and history it’s definately worth putting a bit of time aside to enjoy your day out – in!

We’ll start you off with the Colosseum which can be found on Google Maps HERE (Click the “A” marker, followed by Street View) – We’re sure you’ll be planning your next trip very soon!

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