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Spinal Tap invites press to Google/Android music event – Music Store and ‘Free Song of the Day’ coming Wednesday?

After much talk of Google tuning up for a music venture an invite to an exclusive Android event in Los Angeles on Wednesday 16th November has been sent out to the American press – issued by Nigel Tufnel, the lead guitarist of 80’s metal movie band Spinal Tap!


The event will be streamed live at 2PM Stateside, or 10PM in the UK on and could reveal one or more of a number of possibilities as Google loads up the band wagon for its push into music fame. Previously a Google Music Store has been talked of, uniting the Big Four record labels – EMI, Warner, Sony and Universal in a scheme like iTunes (However on last word of this not all four were locked into a deal). However, this theory seems closest to becoming a reality after images leaked of a Google Music interface through the Android Market and that Google will offer a “Free Song of the Day” to its loyal ‘droid adopters.


Other music-based ideas both confirmed and rumours include the YouTube Merch Store, which will allow bands to sell tunes, t-shirts and tickets through the popular clips site. But then the Android motif could imply there’s some kind of music-based mobile on its way to rival that of HTC with its current Beats range hitting the streets to much applause.

The ‘This is Spinal Tap’ references are a nice touch and metal-heads will remember Tufnel as the character made famous by actor Christopher Guest in the mockumentary and the account from which the email invite comes from is ‘’. The heading of the invite is ‘These Go To Eleven’ – a line made famous by the character in reference to the volume settings of his Marshall quitar amp as he gives the fly-on-the-wall viewers a tour of his equipment in the classic comedy.

Spinal Tap toured again in 2009, bearing a more weathered look, but still rocking as hard as they did almost 30 years ago. With the possibility of a new movie, can we expect ‘England’s Loudest Band’ to make a special appearance at the Google press event this Wednesday?

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