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Google to compete with iTunes with music store – Four major labels in talks

Reputable world business paper The Wall Street Journal has revealed that internet giant Google are in talks with the four major record labels with a view to bringing music-loving internet users an alternative to Apple’s iTunes.

Chasing down Apple with the recent unveiling of the Kindle Fire tablet – a direct competitor to iPad 2 – Google are now suggested to be gunning for the music download market and the renowned news rag is stating today that EMI is very close to signing the first deal which would bring artists to the new service such as Coldplay, Katie Perry, Robbie Williams and more importantly Iron Maiden.

Sony, Warner and Universal are also apparently interested in contributing their bands and artists to a future Google music store but The Wall Street Journal claims these 3 are still yet to agree any terms. These four labels are regarded as the top distributers of music in the industry and a partnership with all of them would be a massive bolstering to Google’s assault on iTunes, which itself boasts tunes from the big four.

We’re pretty sure it’s just a matter of time before all the deals are signed, sealed and some sweet tunes are delivered to our awaiting ears – undoubtedly with a Google+ flavour!

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