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Google Pays Apple $1 Billion To Be Search Default

The online search market is big business, and we know that the likes of Google are prepared to spend big money to ensure that they can get the maximum amount of user search queries possible, resulting in users hopefully clicking on ads when displaying results in the process.

Therefore, it may or may not come as a surprise that the search giant is planning on parting with $1 billion to ensure that it is the default search engine used on all Apple products. This will include the iPhone, iPad and also Mac systems.

We already know that Google has already parted big money, as not too long ago they offered Mozilla a new three-year contract for their Firefox browser to default to Google for search results –that was worth $900 million.

Although nothing is official, $1 billion is actually a ball-point figure suggested by one leading analyst, and although not exact, a lot of number crunching has been done to get to that figure. And if you think about it, it’s not an unrealistic figure considering what Google offered Mozilla and also that Apple devices are amongst the most popular items to have at the moment. In fact, recent research suggests that if the iPad continues growing at the current rate, it’ll surpass PC sales in just 5 years. Hence the importance for Google to ensure that there services will be available for Apple users.

But what would happen if Apple decided to partner with Bing instead for example? Probably not a lot, after all Google will always be the default search engine on rapidly growing Android OS any way.

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