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Google’s Chrome Becomes World’s Second Most Popular Browser

I for one am a big fan of Chrome; I’ve been using it for a good few years now and on a whole am really impressed with what it has to offer.

Therefore I’m pleased to see that for the first time, Google’s Chrome browser has overtaken Mozilla’s Firefox to become the second most used web browser in the world.

The news comes from website analytics service StatCounter, which has found that Chrome managed to edge slightly in front of Firefox in term of global usage. In just over two years Chrome’s market share has increased by 4.66% now giving it a total market share of 25.69%, compared to Firefox which has 25.23%.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still way in front as the dominant market leader, and it also happened to gain slightly in the November stats giving it a share of 40.63%.

It was only back in June this year that Chrome managed to reach the 20% mark in the global browser market, and considering the market share is now 25.69% – I’d say that Google will be pleased with that.

Perhaps the success could be put down to the fact that this year Google has invested money in advertising the browser more heavily on TV, along with advertisement boards; which based on the figures seem to be paying off for the search engine giant.

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