Grand Theft Auto V online gameplay be shown off on 15th August

Grand Theft Auto creator Rockstar has confirmed that it will be showing off gameplay and previews of the online modes and features from the incoming GTA V this Thursday, August 15th.

The online features are the last piece of the puzzle for the game, with Rockstar releasing information and footage of the single player gameplay that will revolve around three new characters in the fictional cityof Los Santos and its surrounding areas.

GTA IV had an immersive online multiplayer mode that included multiple game modes, co-op missions and challenges for gamers to take part in with friends and random players across the globe.

We love nothing more than wreaking havoc across the city online with 4 of our good friends, all trying to destroy us in our progress, so as you might expect, we’re getting pretty excited to see what’s in store.

Rockstar has released a teaser image for the online mode which you can see above, as well as announcing that a full online gameplay video will be coming Thursday and information on what the multiplayer modes will entail on Grand Theft Auto V.

You’ll be able to get your first glimpse of GTA V multiplayer goodness at this Thursday.

You can also check out some of the earlier trailers below for the single player campaign or if you are like us and have watched the trailer too many times already then you will just have to wait until the game is released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 17th.