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New GTA V action shots reveal cars, monkey masks and Trevor in a wetsuit

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Rockstar is keen to build hype ahead of the September 17th launch of Grand Theft Auto V, and has today revealed new details in 12 glorious screen shots from the game.

We’re huge fans of the way in which Rockstar rips off popular vehicles in the GTA series, and so naturally we’re pretty happy to see the screenshots reveal new dirt bikes, sports cars and planes. There’s also a beautiful shot of a character parachuting through the wilderness, hinting at the possibility to jump out of planes in the game. Just look at how realistic that water looks!

The screenshots also reveal a little about chases and heists in the game, which we know will be part of eight key missions in the story line. The game’s three protagonists – Michael, Trevor and Franklin – are shown wearing terrifying masks, which are presumably key to an upcoming heist. Michael and Franklin are sporting skull and hockey masks respectively, whilst Trevor – the cad that he is – seems to have turned up in a monkey mask.

We recently learned that underwater adventures would be a part of the next GTA game, and one particular screen seems to show our three amigos in scuba gear – perhaps there’s treasure to be found off the coast of Los Santos.

Check out the images in our gallery below and let us know what you think – what’s got you most excited to play GTA V?