Guide: Myspace How To Delete Account

So why delete account you say?

Remember your myspace? Okay, maybe you cant as it was probably between 8 and 13 years ago that you created it. Well, unless you deleted it in disgust as somebody decided a guy 3000 miles away (Tom)  was their top friend over you, it is probably still live.

Leigh-Anne Galloway, security expert at Positive Technologies discovered Myspace’s account recovery site only validates your real name, user name and date of birth.

Finding somebody’s birthday is not too hard considering the scope of social media and search engines these days.

After either guessing or hunting down your date of birth, the fake you now has access to all your details logged at Myspace. 

No need to worry though, all you need do is login and cancel your account. If the thought of this is daunting we have provided a step-through guide.

How To – Myspace/Delete Account

This will need to be done from a desktop computer.

Firstly you need to log in at If it really has been a while since you logged in then ask for a new password via your email. You will know which email as it is probably the earliest one you remember creating!

Navigate to your settings page:

  1. Click Gear icon
  2. Select Account
  3. Select Settings

Delete Account:


  1. Click Delete Account
  2. Select a reason for removal.
  3. Click Delete my account


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