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High Resolution iPhone 5 Renders Created From Leaked Parts

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Apple’s next iPhone has all but been officially revealed, if the recent slew of leaked parts and components turn out to be legitimate. We’ve had the entire rear casing, the front panel and several bits and bobs inside available to cast our eyes over for the past week.

With both the front and back parts of the casing floating around thanks to several third party repair and parts companies, it got us wondering – why doesn’t somebody put them both together to give as an idea of what the iPhone 5 could look like.

One designer decided to go one better, taking the exact dimensions and looks of both parts and putting them together in a series of high resolution digital renders. Bryce Haymond of Blackpool Creative is the man in question, and his nifty design work shows us an iPhone that looks similar to the current iPhone 4S from the front, albeit with a larger 4-inch screen.

Above the screen we see the centralised FaceTime camera which was shown in the leaked front casing, along with the original home button below the screen. The phone is taller and thinner, and still features a metal band running around all edges, although the headphone jack has been relocated to the bottom edge from the top, which was hinted at by the leaked rear casings. According to Bryce’s renders, the iPhone will be only a hair thicker than the circular volume buttons located on the left edge.

With a full tour video of the purported design, we can also see the metal panel that dominates the rear of the phone, but not the newly designed smaller dock connector.

This design could well be grossly inaccurate if the leaked parts turn out to be fake, but we’re starting to think this could be very close to the design Apple announces later this year. What do you think?

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Via: MacRumors