Possible Video Proof of the New iPhone 5 Glass Screen Panel Emerges

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We have yet more news for you about the next-generation iPhone, which is thought to be announced by Apple later on this year.

The latest info about the iPhone 5 (or whatever it will be called), centres around the glass panel that it will apparently use.

Usually when it comes to rumours about the iPhone, we’ll see various pictures showing off the apparent design of the upcoming Apple device, and sometimes we also see pictures of the components that are thought will be used inside.

However, in addition to these pictures, we have now been treated to a video showing what is believed to be the glass panel that will feature on the next-generation iPhone.

The video shows a comparison of the glass panel (not the screen) of the part alongside the current iPhone 4S. As you can see from the video, there are two notable changes, the first and very obvious one being the size of the glass screen, which has been measured at 4-inches, making it consistent with other rumours. The second is that the FaceTime camera has been moved and is now located in the centre of the glass panel.

The plausibility of this video is quite high, as over the last few days we have also seen some pictures of the exact same part on various tech sites, however Japanese Apple blog Macotakara has somehow managed to get their hands on the glass panel and do a visual comparison.

It was always expected that Apple would introduce a bigger screen on the iPhone, and most probably the iPod Touch too, so hopefully the glass panel seen in the video will indeed feature on the next-generation devices.

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