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How to Unlock High-Res Xbox One to Windows 10 Streaming

Windows 10 has been keeping another feature hidden away from us. Reddit user OomaThurman has found a hidden setting inside the Xbox app on windows 10 and kindly shared it with us. This feature enables very high-resolution streaming from Xbox One to PC.

Reddit User OomaThurman had this to say: “Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I was able to unlock the Very High setting in the xbox app to stream with. I have proof of this working and a difference in bandwidth (streaming over my wan to the office). I can see the mbps change in the xbox app and a dip in throughput on my wan (firewall) when setting it to high instead of very high.”

The reason this is hidden so deep? An educated guess would be that Microsoft made the decision to stop new users from streaming at a setting that their networks couldn’t support, rather than give a choice aired on the side of caution, leading users to believe the system itself was flawed.

The Redditor did note: “The difference on just the Smite login screen is about 3Mbps, so i wouldn’t recommend this unless you have exceptional networking gear and an understanding of what you’re doing.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Paste the string “%localappdata%\Packages\” into Explorer on your PC
  • Find the “Microsoft.XboxApp.” folder and navigate to “Local State” within it
  • Next, find and open the “userconsoledata” file in a text editor, then search for the ‘IsInternalPreview’ variable.
  • Finally, set that variable to “true” then save and close out the file.

Console-to-PC streaming one of many new features added to Windows 10 so we can expect to see many more features hidden away in its base code.