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HP Launches New Range of TouchSmart All-in-One PCs

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Despite giving up on its mobile phone and smartphone business, HP are pushing ahead with the PC side of things, announcing 5 new all-in-one desktop computers for home use.

The popular ‘TouchSmart’ range of all-in-one PC has been given a makeover, with three new models announced – The 20-inch TouchSmart 320, 21.5-inch TouchSmart 420 and the 23-inch TouchSmart 520.

A range of HP software is pre-installed on all models, including HP MusicStation for digital music downloads. Superior quality Beats Audio speakers and software also come bundled in for an all-round great sound from the inbuilt speakers located below the screen.

HP has overhauled the design of the TouchSmart all-in-one to make the new models a fair bit slimmer than the previous range. Unfortunately the fantastic tilting stand from the previous range is now gone, with a more basic stand mounted to the base.

Two more all-in-one PCs were also unveiled earlier today by HP, these going by the “Omni” model name. There is 20-inch and 21.5-inch models available, dubbed the Omni 120 and Omni 220 respectively.

If you opt for a HP Omni all-in-one, you’ll get the choice of either an AMD or an Intel processor and up to 750GB of Hard Drive storage. As with the TouchSmart range you’ll also get the improved Beats Audio speakers and software.

HP says the TouchSmart 420 and 520 will be the first to go on sale on September 11th priced at $699.99 and $899.99, with the TouchSmart 320 coming later on October 2nd for $599.99.

The Omni 220 will arrive September 11th for $799, while the Omni 120 will go on sale September 21st for $399.

Let us know what you think of the new HP all-in-one PCs via our Twitter Page. Do they look good to you or would you prefer an iMac?