You may have already seen a brief preview of the new webOS 3.0 which was demonstrated not too long ago by HP themselves.

After HP bought Palm last year, the company has been working hard developing the next version of webOS. The latest version, 3.0 will make its debut on the new HP TouchPad Tablet.

For anyone interested in the stylish tablet, the folks over at Pre-Central have somehow managed to get some screenshots of the device showing a selection of apps running on the device.

As you’ll be able to see from the pictures below, the screenshots show Bing Maps, a virtual keyboard, messaging interface and also the WebOS music app.

Bing Maps

As you can see though from the screen shots the interface for Bing Maps looks very sleek and clean looking.

Music App

As you’ll also see from the Music App, there are quite a few visual similarities to the music player that features on the iPad, although instead of the play/forward/rewind buttons being at the top, they are placed along the bottom next to the volume slider.

webOS Browser

Finally, the last screen shows the clean looking web browser. You’ll notice that the on-screen keyboard features a number row along the top rather than having to switch between different keyboard layouts.

If you’re interested in seeing some more screenshots of the HP TouchPad, head on over the Pre-Central to get your fill.

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