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WebOS will be included on all HP computers by 2012

The chief executive of HP, Leo Apotheker, has said HP is looking to bring the company back on course by focusing heavily on WebOS in the future, and has confirmed that more details about this will be unveiled during an event which will be held on March 14 in San Francisco.

In an interview with Bloomberg, he explained that HP would be looking to install WebOS in conjunction with Windows on all its PC systems by the start of 2012, which is a move that hopefully will gain the backing of developers and perhaps see more users adopt the platform over some of the other competitors.

The WebOS app store currently lists around 6,000 apps, which is way off in comparison to the likes of Google with 250,000 and Apple which has 350,000.

HP has said that the company feels like there is a widening gap between the products they offer compared to what the consumer is looking for, and therefore HP are hoping that by strengthening their WebOS product as well as investing quite heavily within R&D they will be able to innovate and bring products to the market much more quickly than before.