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HSBC To Roll Out Biometric Mobile Banking


Mobile phone systems are becoming increasingly more science fiction, as new gadgets and gizmos give us the ability to control them in even more exciting ways. This time it’s HSBC’s mobile app which will now allow users to register their online banking transactions via fingerprints and voice recognition.

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Using Apple Touch ID the mobile app will be able to be used to authorize bank transactions in a more secure way than just scanning a phone over an access point, and additionally Nuance ( the company behind Apple’s Siri) will handle voice recognition which adds a whole additional layer of security.

The new system will go out to 15 million of HSBC’s customers in  “largest planned rollout of voice biometric security technology in the UK” according to the bank.  It can detect voices in a number of ways by measuring cadence of speech, pronunciation, as well as the shape of the larynx and nasal passages  -all of which contribute to how our voices sound.

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it’ll even be okay if you have a slight cold which muffles your voice, according to Joe Gordon, UK head of customer contact over at HSBC “We will be able to cope with people who have got colds or slight impediments. Things such as the size of your mouth or your vocal tract don’t change. Neither do your cadence or your accent when you’ve got those little colds.”

It’s not yet know if any additional platforms will get the HSBC biometric suite, however there are plenty of iPhone users with Touch ID enabled handsets, so you or someone you know should be able get hold of it if they bank with HSBC. The rollout hasn’t been officially dated but it’s a ‘coming very soon’ feature.

Via: Techradar

Via: BBC