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HTC One M8 Ace Design Details and Image Leaked from China

We were recently surprised to hear of another HTC One M8 variant, the Mini M8 is to be released at the end of May – so soon after the launch of big bro – but hot on its heels come reports of another model set to follow soon, called the HTC One M8 Ace.

The HTC One M8 Ace is being referred to as the “fashion edition” and is said to include a plastic casing rather than the brushed aluminium shell which is standard on the original. Chinese source which revealed the information also posted a render of the handset which looks just like the flagship model, only with a red finish.

We know new colours will become available for the M8 so this could quite easily be one of them passing off as another product – but we’ll hold onto our scepticism over the image.

Should it make its way to the west the Taiwanese built M8 Ace will boast a boost in processing power from 2.3GHz up to 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU. The nippier chip is already found in Asian versions of the now classic HTC One M8 but as of yet has not been installed in the UK and Europe handsets.

If we believe the hype, the HTC One M8’s 5-inch Super LCD 1080p display will remain with the Ace variant, as will Android 4.4 KitKat complimented with HTC Sense 6.0.

HTC has even teased on Twitter that ‘more beautiful curves coming soon’ – which may relate to the M8 Ace or another yet-to-be-seen new product to whet the appetite until the gadget becomes official news.