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HTC Officially Announcing a New Beats Audio Smartphone on October 6th

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We’re slowly putting together the pieces of another HTC puzzle, in this case we’re trying to figure out just what the company has planned for their October 6th press event and party in London.

We already know that HTC is hosting an event in London (they won’t let us say where) on Thursday October 6th, but now the official flyers have been sent out and we’ve got a better clue as to what is going to go down.

The event invite (pictured above), courtesy of Slashgear, gives a distinctly musical theme. There’s a set of in-ear Beats Audio headphones, the Beats Audio logo, and also the mention of “some of the hottest music artists on the scene today”.

Yep, we’re certain; October 6th will be the day HTC announces its second smartphone with Beats Audio engineering. The first was the HTC Sensation XE, which featured Beats Audio software to optimise sound quality, a red and black makeover and a set of Beats Audio premium headphones. The question is; what will be the second?

Our bet is firmly place on the large white Android smartphone that has been constantly appearing in various corners of the internet. So far it’s been known as the HTC Runnymede, the HTC Bass, and now possibly the HTC Sensation XL. It’s almost definitely going to be this phone getting an announcement at the event, and we think the final name will be the Sensation XL.

Why XL when HTC just released a Sensation XE? This phone has a whopping 4.7-inch screen; much larger than the Sensation and Sensation XE, and akin to that of the Windows Phone-based HTC TITAN.

We recently caught up with this phone on video, and you can too here.

HTC are offering up 1001 tickets to the public to their after party at the Roundhouse in Camden, London. In keeping with the Beats Audio and musical theme, they have Fedde Le Grand, Martin Solveig and a surprise headliner playing individual sets. Head to their Facebook Page to enter!

Will we being seeing you at the HTC event in London? Let us know via our Twitter or Facebook Pages. We’re also taking bets on who the headline act will be. Maybe it’s Dr Dre himself, who knows. Take a guess and add it as a comment below!