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HTC promises ‘a new sound and camera experience’ in 2013, mocks Nokia PureView

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With the impending launch of the M7 HTC is ramping up the hype, and the latest effort teases ‘a new sound and camera experience’ at the same time as having a dig at rivals Nokia.

The Taiwanese manufacturer recently posted up an infographic showing the progression of photography through the ages, from the first form of photography in 1839 through to the present day, with the HTC One X and its Videopic feature being the shining example of photography in 2012.

Following on from the One X, HTC says that the ‘Megapixel Wars’ escalate with Nokia’s 41-megapixel 808 PureView evoking the response from a reviewer that it “won’t help you at all”. Clearly a dig at Nokia’s smartphone camera tech and an attempt to big up its own, but what is HTC about to come out with?

Well, Pocket-Lint­ believes that HTC will use a completely new type of camera sensor on its next smartphone, the M7. The sensor will involve multiple 4.3-megapixel sensors layered on top of each other, which will be known as an ‘Ultrapixel’ camera. The three will be combined to make a single image that will apparently be much more realistic and sharp than your average smartphone snap.

All in all it seems that Ultrapixel will just be another marketing term for the megapixel, so there’s no need to get confused. It does however sound promising, and we’re excited to see whether HTC’s new camera tech can climb to the top of the pile when it comes to smartphone cameras.

We’ll find out for sure on February 19th, when HTC’s media event will reveal the M7 in all its glory.