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HTC One now on sale in the UK

After a pretty annoying delay the HTC One Android smartphone is finally landing in stores today for sale in the UK, and after a few weeks of testing the 4.7-inch Jelly Bean smartphone, we can say that it’s a pretty cool piece of kit.

That handset has experienced a delay from its mid-March release date, due to issues with production of the camera on the smartphone, but the HTC One is finally starting to appear on sale in the UK.

Customers can pick up the smartphone from most phone retailers, with Phones 4U stocking the phone on a £36 per month tariffs on 24 month contracts, where you pay nothing for the device itself.

Carphone Warehouse, meanwhile, has the handset up for grabs for £36 a month (free of course) too, but that is on a 24 month contract. For £2 more per month you can get the handset on a shorter 18 months deal, which may be better for those who love to swap phones often.

If you are not a fan of the whole contract situation then you can also pick up the device SIM-free from retailers such as Clove and Expansys, where you can pick up the handset for just over £500, which is a pretty fair price for the handset given the recently revealed price of the SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S4.

The HTC is a gorgeous looking smartphone and with the handset sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 1.7GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, a 4.7inch Full HD LCD 2 display and a 4MP ‘UltraPixel’ camera, HTC is looking to offer a finer picture, and with the latest iteration of the HTC Sense user interface (Sense 5) in tow it’s a good bit of pocket kit.

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