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HTC Sensation XE coming to Phones4U – Video review appears online

UK mobile phone retailer Phones4U looks set to drop the Beats with the new special edition HTC Sensation XE – which integrates the advanced audio tech snapped up in the recent HTC merger with the makers of ‘Beats by Dre” ear-gear.

In a new video, the jumpy host demostrates some of the features and functions of the 1.5GHz musical mobile, showing of the handset itself with the familiar sensation design, with new black with red trim and buttons in the Beats uniform style and lightweight aluminium casing. The 4.3″ qHD display with contoured glass, 8-megapixel camera and connectivity points get a showing too.

Showcasing the Android 2.3 OS – all familiar features remain such as YouTube, Gmail and Places and weather animations. Referring to the battery life of the Sensation XE, the video informs us this has been improved from the previous model for general day-to-day uses of the handset and presumably to suit long periods playback with the gadget being used for its dedicated audio capabilities.

Moving onto the Beats tech itself, which delivers studio quality sound through the new earphones. Attaching the plugs to the HTC Sensation XE handset prompts the software to recognise you’re after some cool tunes and the system activates the Beats Audio profile and setting you up for sound.  

Phones4U offer no price or shipping date for the HTC Sensation XE with Beats just yet, but the Gadget Helpline will bring you the latest updates as they arrive.

However, if you can’t wait patiently to get your Beats on, you can try this handy tool which effectively turns your exsiting HTC Sensation into a high quality audio gadget. Check out the article – here.

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