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HTC One set to get Sixth Sense – Android Sense 6 UI landing in the US

With the launch of the new HTC One (M8) many people have been flocking to buy it, if not for the sleek design, but for the software it packs. However, what about those early adopters of HTC who have the original M7 model HTC One? Well fear not, Jason Mackenzie, an executive at HTC, has announced that Sense 6 will release in the US and Canada for the original HTC One in May.

Jason took to Twitter to announce the release, stating “Reminder that Sense 6 will push to current HTC One users by end of May. #htcadvantage”

The Sense 6 software suite and overlay, also dubbed Sixth Sense, was publicised together with the HTC One (M8) in March this year. Sense 6 offers appearance customisations like more fonts, colour themes, and updates for pre-loaded apps, which the earlier Sense 5 didn’t have.  They are similar in nearly every other way however, but will be centred around the Android 4.4. KitKat experience.

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We’re likely to expect a user-interface revamp with the improved versions of the BlinkFeed and camera apps. However it is not guaranteed that all the new modifications will work with the year-old flagship smartphone simply because of hardware restraints. So it’s expected that there will be at least handful of Sense 6 features that stay exclusive to the HTC One (M8).

It’s not only the original HTC One owners who can expect the update. The HTC One mini and the HTC One max will also be able to get the Sense 6 upgrade.

The rest of the world will have to wait with baited breath as there hasn’t yet been a mention of when we can expect to receive the update. Although if HTC’s previous promises are anything to go by, we should have it here by the end of spring.

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