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HTC Wind Update: China Exclusive Android (ICS) Model Combines Elements of the HTC One Range with Dual SIMs

A few new details have become available, allowing us to update our previous post regarding the HTC Wind, an Android ICS model which has recently been spotted out and about in China. We now know that while the HTC One line-up will be winging its way to the west starting this April, China will exclusively be getting the HTC Wind as a combination of a number of elements from the range. Observant HTC fans have noted that the HTC Wind resembles a mix of the One X and One S and is a little larger than the One V. The gadget will also feature support for dual SIM cards – a feature absent from the HTC One range. No release date is confirmed yet.

[Originally Published 27/03/2012]

HTC has already outlined this season’s impressive line-up of Android mobile gadgets with the One range– but amidst the quad-core One X and dual-core selection which includes the respectable One S, another HTC model has been spotted in the wild over in China. Introducing the HTC T328W – aka the HTC Wind.

We get a good look at the front, back and side of the HTC Wind in a series of leaked snaps and can see that as well as coming along with newest Android update, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the gadget will pack a musical flavour with Beats Audio tech and software included.  The handset from the front looks like the standard HTC design (albeit with grubby screen, which voids its officialness). Set in a light grey finish, the HTC logo moves into a vertical position along the side and the camera appears to have shifted to the side somewhat, another break from the HCT norm and within a metallic section with thick black border.

Rumours of the spec behind the HTC Wind include 1GHz single-core CPU with a reasonable sized 4” Super LCD display. There should be 512MB of RAM on board, and well as 4GB internal storage with MicroSD support and that aforementioned camera is said to be 5-megapixels. Android 4.0 ICS will be complimented by HTC Sense 4.0.

We’ll keep an eye open to bring you a weather warning if and when the HTC Wind looks to blow into the west!

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