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HTC’s One X and One S to Land on All Major UK Networks in April

HTC’s heavyweight-hitting new smartphones, the One X and One S, will be available in the UK next month on all 5 major networks.

The Carphone Warehouse has all three new phones – with the inclusion of the One V – in its ‘coming soon’ section online, each dated for an April release. The good news is that the top-end One X and One S will be available on Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 and Three, so if you were hoping to upgrade then you’ll certainly be able to get one.

HTC’s budget One V handset will be launching during the same month, although only two UK networks have currently confirmed they will be stocking it – O2 and Three. The One V mixes the latest Android 4.0 and Sense 4.0 software with a legendary design that HTC used years ago in the Legend and Hero phones.

No contract prices have been announced for any of the three phones, though our good friends at Clove Technology have priced them up SIM-free for those who may want to buy one outright. The One X, being the flagship, is the priciest at £492, while the mid-range One S will set you back £450. The One V is much kinder on your pocket, coming in at £264.

With these prices in mind, we would expect the One X to be free on contracts starting at £36 on most networks, the One S to be free on contracts of around £30 and the One V free on all contracts.

HTC is going all guns blazing on the UK market this year with its new One Series smartphones, and in a completely direction to 2011. Some of you may remember when HTC launched the Sensation around this time in 2011 – Vodafone had exclusivity for the first month, meaning that many had to wait to pick one up on a network of their choice, or be forced to jump ship to Vodafone.

With all major UK networks stocking HTC’s top two smartphones for the year, it leaves the customer in a great position – one with plenty of choice and options.

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