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iBuyPower hardcore gaming PC “Erebus” – it’s one cool beast!

iBuyPower, the US-based games PC builder has unleashed the “Erebus” range – a powerful and ultra-cool desktop unit literally designed to handle the heat of hardcore gaming.

“Made for over-clockers, custom-built for extreme liquid cooling” – boasts the website with the PC able to function even when under the extreme pressure from 3400W of heat.

The “God of Gaming” Erebus range starts at $1249 with a Core i5-2400 processor, single NVIDIA GTX 550Ti video card, 500GB of storage and 4GB of RAM.

The top unit is too hot for the Average Joe’s wallet and weighs in at a crushing $6899. But for that price you can snap up a unit including no less than 3 NVIDIA GTX 580 video cards, an Intel Core i7-990X Extreme processor, 6x120mm fan liquid cooling system, 12GB of RAM, dual 96GB SSDs, 2TB main storage, and a Blu-ray player – Most impressive.

Clearly we couldn’t forget the look of the thing. A clear side panel, interior blue lighting and top tinted fins for heat dispersion bringing style to the function – making Erebus look a true beast! Check out the hype video –

Most of us can only look and weep at the specs on display now on the iBuyPower website – but if you’ve got the cash to spare this is one for the serious PC gamer!

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