Leaked image of Sony’s new NEX-7 camera?

An image of what possibly could be the new Sony NEX-7 and successor to the popular NEX-5 has found its way onto the Internet.

The mirror-less NEX-5 proved to be a popular choice amongst photography fans and the rumour mill has since been turning with news of a successor to the popular interchangeable lens camera.

And now, we may have our first glimpse of what the camera will look like, as the folk over at Sony Alpha Rumours have managed to obtain what looks to be an early preproduction image of the new NEX-7.

It’s thought that the NEX-7 will be equipped with a 3-million dot OLED, and also feature the same 24MP sensor that is used in the Sony Alpha A77 along with a range of other features. The camera is also expected to be in the price range of $1200 (around £745).

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