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Sony launches new USB 3.0 external hard drive

Sony has decided to delve in to the world of external USB drives with the company’s first USB 3.0 drive, designed for use with Sony Bravia TVs, Playstation 3 and of course PC, Mac and Laptop.

The new HD-PG5 is designed to work with Sony Bravia HDTVs, Sony PCs and Laptops and also the PS3. The new series of hard drive has USB 3.0 connectivity and can be easily connected to compatible Sony HDTVs to record programs. It can also be used to copy movies you’ve recorded using your Sony HandyCam camcorder.

The case of the external HDD is finished with a scratch-resistant paint to ensure that when you’re traveling around it’s not going to get easily scratched. Size and weight were in mind when this drive was designed, as it only weighs 180 grams, making it an ideal portable drive. It also features a password protection manager as well as backup software to ensure that all your data is kept safe.

The HD-PG5 has 500GB of storage and will work with Windows, as well as being compatible with Mac OS X. Sony say that the new drive will be available from mid-July, although have not mentioned anything about pricing yet.

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