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INQ Cloud Touch – “Facebook phone” hits UK

Facebookers rejoice – you can now leave your computer and actually go out into the real world! Before you recoil in disgust, don’t fret – all your friends and freaks can come with you, as the first “Facebook- integrated” phone announced back in February finally dropped on the UK market this week in the form of socially-savvy INQ Cloud Touch.

Despite not being officially Facebook branded it comes very close to the real deal, even with the thumbs up received from social mogul Mark Zuckerberg – founder of the world’s top collection of stalkers and self-absorbed – who claimed in February that this will be one of many Facebook-dedicated devices hitting the market in coming months.

The first to be released, the INQ Cloud Touch, features a 3.5” 480×320 touchscreen display, WiFi connectivity and packs 3G with Android 2.2 Froyo as the standard platform. 512MB of internal memory and an additional 4GB card are included to offer a whole lot of storage for all those random videos and self-taken photos that pop-up.

Yes, the Cloud Touch is a phone like any other – and nothing special on the outset – but for anti-socialites it’s all about the function of the phone which is based entirely around Facebook.

Meaning the news feed, notifications, pictures, clips and links appear on the home screen interface with the familiar features accessible at the touch of a screen as you would find them on the Facebook main page. Messaging and chat also feature heavily and can be quickly brought up when a pal pops online.

Check-in to Places and RSVP events to set reminders on the phone so you’ll never miss a social occasion – unless you’re too busy taking photos of yourself on the 5-megapixel camera or complaining about how much your life sucks through simple to update statuses.

It’s a phone. It’s Facebook. If you’re into both of those things this one’s for you.

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