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Internet Explorers: Krueger Kollectables Facebook Page

Hello and welcome to the latest Gadget Helpline weekly feature where we at GH HQ share with you our latest fun findings from the World Wide Web.

Now, like most people we love to surf the web and find the best (and sometimes worst) of the internet, and this new weekly feature is designed to share some of our finds with our readers. Whether it be a website, Tumblr, Facebook Group, Twitter account or any other web-based service, if we like it then we will share it with you guys.

So to start off we have a Facebook Group that is very close to our hearts… or more appropriately close to our nightmares. Krueger Kollectables is a Facebook page that originally started with the sole purpose of “bringing together fans and collectors of Freddy Krueger & Elm Street merchandise to share photos of our memorabilia” but has now expanded into a loving feed of all things Horror, and most importantly the man himself, Freddy Krueger.

Looking through the Krueger Kollectables page will please any Horror fa,n as not only do you get up to date information on new and old horror films, but a fan interaction second to none, with users actively sharing their thoughts on the genre along with images, links and information on old, new and future memorabilia.

Sharing content (a Gremlin dressed in the iconic Freddy getup is one of our favs) or news on what c-list horror movies stars from the past are celebrating their birthday is a great time killer, along with up-to-date movie trailers and information on the best and worst the Horror genre has to offer.

But what truly sells this fan page is the effort and contributions from the creator’s team, who are constantly offering up news on UK based conventions, offering fan interaction pieces, celebrating Krueger-related events, running competitions and even a few interactive Q&As with some of A Nightmare on Elm Street’s forgotten stars.

Krueger Kollectables also seems to be looking to expand its holding by encouraging fans to share art and ideas about Mr Krueger and his friends, as well as staking their place on the UK convention scene.

To sum up on Krueger Kollectables we have to say that not only is it a great page to follow and share between your friends, but it really showcases something we have lost on Facebook over the past few years: good old fan appreciation and interaction that you just don’t get from liking a page about “Onion Rings” on the world’s biggest social network.

To the Krueger Kollectables team: Keep up the good work!

That’s all from this week but keep an eye on (and of course like Krueger Kollectables on Facebook) next week, when we take you through another adventure on “Internet Explorers”.

Let us know your thoughts on our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.