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Internet Explorers: Space Jam Website Still Exists Twenty Years Later

Welcome to the Gadget Helpline’s Internet Explorers!

Each week we’ll be indulging our natural talent for browsing the internet to bring you this new regular feature which is here to help you get over that weekly hump and introduce you to some of the wacky and wonderful sites of the World Wide Web!

This week we bring you a virtual trip back in time to 1996 when Michael Jordan not only used to dominate the hoops but also took on intergalactic basketball “Monstars” with the help of his pal Bugs Bunny. Yes. You know we’re talking about Space Jam. And would you believe this – the website for the film still remains mostly intact twenty years later!

Head over to to find a time capsule of the internet – the original Space Jam website, almost perfectly preserved and untouched by modern times. Complete with spaced out graphics and spinning animated .gif images for buttons, a repetitive starry background wallpaper which clashes with the text and visible framework, the site takes us back to a time when public internet access was not in everybody’s home and if it was it was heralded by the unforgettable sound of a dial-up tone and webpages you got were all very generic (and in retrospect, awfully made!)

Unbelievably, this relic to a bygone era of both entertainment of the mid 90s and the WWW in general still has working links and you can browse through cast bios, production notes and photos from the Space Jam movie. Some of our favourite pages include Stellar Souvenirs which features wallpaper downloads for Macintosh or Windows 95 as well as browser icons which unfortunately will only work on Macs with Netscape installed on them.

Another retro treat is the Lunar Tunes section where you can check out the once so cool Space Jam soundtrack featuring a line-up of artists of the era including Coolio, Seal and Quad City DJs and also could sample some of the audio highlights in .wav files but sadly these links have all been severed.

If you were ever a fan of the Space Jam film, or are just interested in visiting the internet of 1996 (maybe you’re too young to even experience top quality websites such as this?) – we highly recommend giving this one a look!