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Three introduce new “Premium” 3G Dongle – 40% faster

Three has announced that it will be adding a new “Premium” 3G Mobile Broadband Dongle to the range as of 7th April.

The Huawei E367 is the dongle we’re talking about here, and it can offer a 40% increase in browsing speed over standard 3G dongles thanks to its HSPA+ capabilities. HSPA+ connectivity can provide download speeds of up to 84Mbit/s and upload speeds of up to 22Mbit/s.

Huawei have designed the E367 for optimum signal gain, and ease of use. The USB connector folds out and tucks back in rather than using a cap, which you always end up losing somehow. The main body of the dongle swivels, allowing you to position it like an antenna to gain better signal strength.

Three UK will be offering the new Premium dongle on both PAYG and monthly tariffs. If you want to go PAYG, expect to pay £69.99 up front for the dongle itself, which will come with 1GB data preloaded. From then on you can top up your data credit, much like you would with a PAYG mobile phone.

For contract customers, you’ll have the option of either a one month rolling contract (which can be cancelled at anytime), or a 24 month contract.

With the one month rolling contract, you pay £49.99 up front for the dongle and a further £15.99 per month which gets you 5GB of data. Alternatively you can opt in to a 24 month contract to get the dongle free of charge, and pay £18.03 per month which will get you 15GB of data.

Existing mobile broadband customers with Three can pay £59.99 to upgrade from their current dongles.

Will you be signing up for superfast mobile broadband with Three on 7th April? Let us know by leaving a comment or tweeting us @Gadget_Helpline.

Via: Three Blog