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App Store Bug Affecting Software Updates on iPhone and iPad – Apple Working on Fix for Crashing iOS Apps

Reports would suggest that a number of new app updates are causing problems for Apple iOS users today and that the problem originates from the App Store itself. iPhone and iPad users in the United Kingdom and United States seem particularly plagued by these issues.

The issues are thought to spawn from corrupt binaries within the Apple App Store and no less than 18 apps are already suggested to be affected with apps crashing after receiving their updates. These include popular titles such as Angry Birds Space and the app developer behind Instapaper was amongst the first to share details of the big bug lurking within the widely used global software shop posting on their app listing “An App Store bug corrupted this update for the first few hours it was available. The bad copies crash immediately on launch. If you have a bad copy, you’ll need to delete and reinstall the app. I’m very sorry for the trouble.”

Some users who have followed the steps advised by Instapaper creator Marco Alment have found that even after reinstalling their applications the software still crashes shortly after start up. Apple is reportedly working on a fix as we speak but caution would be advised when considering download or update of the following apps:

Angry Birds Space HD Free

Checkout Helper


CommBank Kaching

Flick Soccer

Gaia GPS


iBike Moto


Melodies Pro






Pinball Maniacs

Please Stay Calm

Readdle Scanner Pro


Stack the States


(List compiled by Forbes.)

UPDATE – Gadget Helpline Reader submitted apps:

Qwak (Thanks to Mr.Qwak)

Let us know if your Apple device has been affected by any of these apps updates of if you have found any other titles that may been at risk on our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.