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iPad Air 2 May Be Revealed Mid October

Apple’s rumored iPad Air 2 event could very well turn out to be coming a lot earlier than previously thought. The event, which has yet to be announced in an official statement, was originally set to open it’s doors on the 21st of October. New information leaked to the source link at Re/Code has now put the date of the event forward to the 16th.

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The iPad Air 2 in question has been on the cards for a while, with rumors of the device going back throughout this year, especially in the last few months. The device is slated to be a much more modern version of the iPad Air, sporting some of the very same features currently available on the iPhone 6. You could say that the newest iPad Air brings the range up to date with Apple’s current product range, which started with the iPhone 6.

On the subject of new Apple product ranges, another rumor has it that the upcoming Apple event will also see the emergence of an all-new version of the iMac, this one sporting the characteristic Apple Retina display built in as the main screen.

A previously leaked comparison of thickness between the old iPad Air and the rumored Air 2, with the new model on top

The iMac currently stands as the flagship desktop computer made by Apple, featuring a single unit with the hardware, screen and disc drive all built into one stand up ‘monitor’. The inclusion of the retina display could also bring the iMac into the forefront of the current 4k, or even 5k resolution craze, with rumors of Apple’s development of an ultra resolution screen also abundant.

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To finish up this latest run of October Apple rumors, most of which may well be seen on the 16th at the event, we’ve also heard about the imminent release of OS X Yosemite, the latest version of the Mac OS. The new operating system brings Macs in line with a lot of the features found in iOS 8, and rumors of a Siri-like personal assistant have also been making their rounds.

The Apple event is scheduled for the 16th of October, according to the leak sent to Re/Code. Whenever it drops, expect coverage following any live streamed content that arrives.

Source: Re/Code

Additional Info: 9to5Mac