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How is an iPad Made? An Inside Look at the Process in a Foxconn Factory

Have you ever wondered exactly what goes into your beloved Apple iPad, or pondered how the company squeezes all that tech into such a slim and sleek case? Thankfully we’ve got an insight into the manufacturing process of the iPad, with footage taken from the factory floor.

Apple has frequently come under fire for the working conditions of those working in the Chinese factories for iPad part manufacturers and assemblers such as Foxconn. Until this year reporters were not allowed to visit their factories. That was until false reports of poor working conditions were fabricated and made it into many major publications. At that point a select few reporters were invited to look around the Foxconn factories, with Rob Schmitz of public radio show Marketplace being one of them.

His findings led to the eventual debunking of the original reports of poor working conditions at Foxconn, and he, along with Marketplace, have published a short video which shows the Apple iPad being made.

While it’s not a complete start to finish look at the iPad going from barebones components to the complete product, it’s interesting to get a look at where millions of people’s favourite tablet computer comes from. Several testing methods are shown, including tests of the 9.7-inch touchscreen which are carried out before the finishing touches are put to the iPad. After all, if the main aspect of the product doesn’t work, it’s no good to anyone.

Rob Schmitz’s findings from his time at the factory are interesting, and although many of the employees there noted that the work becomes repetitive and boring, the opportunities and working conditions provided by Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn are among the best around.

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