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iPhone 4S: Siri down for several hours yesterday

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It’s bad news when any online service goes down. Fans and users will vent their outrage as if the world’s come to an abrupt end. When that service has a voice of its own, however, an outage somehow seems more forgivable. What are we on about? Yesterday, the Siri voice assistant for the iPhone 4S went down in the US.

During this time, which is the first known outage for the service, Siri would only proffer the suggestion that it cannot connect to the network, even if users had full WiFi strength. The problem lasted just a few hours.

So where had Siri buggered off to? News of the outage has been gathered from user feedback rather than Apple itself, so there’s no official word as to what happened. We’ll keep you posted if Apple release a statement. Fingers crossed that Siri’s first holiday will also be her last.

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