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iPhone 4S: First time iOS 5 and iCloud startup guide plus unboxing video

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Today is release day for Apple’s latest must-have gadget, the iPhone 4S, and we’ve already got ours at The Gadget Helpline – the 16GB model in Black from O2.

Naturally, we want you guys to see what the phone is all about and share that ‘magic’ that Apple talk about when they release a new product, so we’ve shot a new video for you.

In the video we go through a quick unboxing to give you a view of the packaging and the accessories, a look at the phone itself, how to insert the Micro SIM card and the all-new setup process.

Apple fans and smartphone aficionados may wonder why we’re bothering showing something like how to insert the SIM card into the iPhone 4S, but you’d be surprised at how many callers we get at The Gadget Helpline who aren’t aware of Apple’s unusual approach to the SIM slot.

In the video you’ll see us set up the new iCloud features including iCloud backup, which lets you automatically back up your phone’s contents to your iCloud account wirelessly, saving you the hassle of plugging it in to a PC and using iTunes.

We’ll be doing a much more in-depth video review of the iPhone 4S very shortly, which will show you more new features from iOS 5, the improved camera capabilities and of course, Siri.

Have you got your iPhone 4S yet? Let us know your thoughts on our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group. You can also add your thoughts and opinions by commenting on the YouTube video!